7 Snack Box Favourites For Girls On The Go

7 Snack Box Favourites For Girls On The Go

Let’s face it. When you’re a busy girl on-the-go, sometimes three meals in a day just won’t cut it. A jam-packed day can feel draining, and if you hit the gym after work, you’re going to need some snacks to keep you going throughout your workout session. That’s why we have come up with some delicious snacks to enjoy mid morning or afternoon. We recommend you get yourself a compartmentalised snack box and enjoy a variety of high protein snacks whenever your energy might be on the low side.

1. Sliced veggies with Greek yogurt dip

Everyone knows that veggies are good for us, but did you know that Greek yogurt is an excellent source of protein, with 20 grams in each cup? Mix your Greek yogurt with a few slices of red chilli and a squeeze of lemon for extra zing, or chop up some fresh coriander and a quarter of an avocado to give it a hint of Mexico. Veggies for dipping can include sliced raw carrot, cucumber, red peppers and celery. Remember to store your Greek yogurt in a tight-lidded container with the veggies kept in a separate compartment and ensure your snack box is kept in a fridge or very cool conditions.


2. Tuna salad 

Fish as a food group is an excellent source of protein and micronutrients, and tuna alone will give you a big protein hit. Top a basic green salad with a tin of tuna, sprinkle of chives and squeeze of lemon for a fresh summer snack.


3. Protein bites

Try our delicious strawberry shortcake protein bites as an enjoyable snack! You can find a fantastic recipe on our website, which includes healthy cashews, protein-packed dates and beautifully sweet maple syrup. Snack on one of these beauties whenever hunger gets the better of you, or as a sweet treat after a meal.


4. Protein balls

Made from delicious natural ingredients like coconut, cocoa and vanilla, this sweet recipe is ideal for anyone who finds they often run out of fuel midway through the day. Check out our recipe here!


5. Almonds

Nature at its best – almonds are a simple dry snack that are easy to transport in a snack box and convenient to eat no matter where you are. Almonds contain slow releasing energy and are high in protein. As a bonus, they taste fantastic and are straight forward to source.


6. Hummus

Made from ground chickpeas, which are high in protein and numerous other nutrients, hummus is a versatile dip that can be eaten with flat breads, veggies or tortillas. You can add various other ingredients to hummus, including chilli, paprika, pumpkin seeds or olive oil to give it an interesting new dimension.


7. Apple with peanut butter

Peanut butter is an excellent source of protein, and when combined with apple, it’s also a delicious mid-afternoon snack. If you’re preparing this snack for later in the day, pack the apple whole (with a knife included) and cut it when you’re ready to eat so that the flesh is lovely and fresh.


And there are many more, of course! Keep your eye on our Recipe page for snack ideas, or share your snack preferences within our Luxe Community Facebook Group. And don’t forget, you can add Luxe Fitness Powder into a variety of portable snacks for an extra protein hit. Of course, snacking should only be enjoyed around a healthy balanced diet and shouldn’t replace main meals.

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