Chia Quinoa Puff Pudding


1/4 cup chia seed

1/2 cup trim milk, almond milk or any other alternative

1 serving of Luxe Protein Powder

1 handful of berries

1 handful of quinoa puffs (can substitute with muesli, fruit, granola, yoghurt etc.)

1 tbsp of cacao powder or melted dark chocolate (optional)


How to Make

1. Mix chia seeds with milk (or milk alternative). Stir and leave until chia has soaked up the liquid. The texture should be relatively thick but you should still be able to stir through the chia mixture with ease.

2. Add 1 serving of Luxe Protein Powder to the chia mixture. Stir thoroughly to ensure powder is mixed in properly.

3. Put half of the Chia mixture in a jar/bowl.

4. Add a layer of quinoa puffs for extra crunch (or any other filling like granola, muesli, fruit or yoghurt etc.)

5. Add another layer of soaked chia (optional to mix this with cocoa powder or 2 pieces of melted dark chocolate).

6. Top with 1 handful of blueberries (or berries of choice).

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